The BookMyShow (BMS) reminders are not real time. The notifications may be delayed since BMS sends out notifications once enough theaters have opened up their bookings for a movie (This is a guess since even I'm not sure :P). The theaters can choose to open the bookings for any movie at their own convenience and there is a very slim chance that two theaters open their bookings at the same time. Diomedes monitors each and individual theaters you specify periodically and as and when they open their bookings, it sends out an email containing showtimes for the movie at that theater. You can directly book a particular show by clicking the respective showtime link.
This is done purposely since if everyone is allowed unlimited theater choices, we'd be flooding BookMyShow with unnecessary requests. Generally, a single user may have around 5 theaters of their choice in their locality, so I've kept it at 5.
Check your spam folder? Or maybe the theater didn't open shows for the movie at all. It may happen sometimes that the format/language you selected wasn't shown by the theater that you selected. Make sure before setting the reminder that the theater you select will show the movie in the specified format/language or the application will not be able to match it on BookMyShow.
You can create an issue on the project's GitHub page detailing your idea for the feature and get a discussion going. If you know programming, you could even take it upon yourself to implement it and send me a PR! Though, do create an issue before sending the PR.
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